New decade, new blog


Long time no post. As my history will reveal, I’ve been anything but regular with updating this blog. I missed writing every single day, I won’t lie, but something in me just didn’t have what it takes to keep up with it.

I started this blog right around the time I was about to turn twenty-five. And it served as a personal journal of recollections and stories, that apparently (and very surprisingly) other people than me happened to enjoy. But as I navigated through my twenties, I found myself further and further away from the mid-twenties crisis that initially drove the creation of this blog, and closer to wanting to write about everything and anything that came to mind.

Today I started a new blog, which feels more appropriate for where I am currently in my life. I hope it will become a space where I can share not just thoughts, but also day-to-day moments that make life worthwhile. I also hope you get a chance to check it out, and if you like it, to follow it:




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