Why I’m getting married

In exactly a bit over a month, I will be marrying the only man I ever saw myself marrying, and growing old with. When we announced the news to my father, back in September, he stoically congratulated us, and then proceeded to tell me “I always thought of you as non-conventional.” As sensitive as I normally am, I was too happy to be hurt, but he does have a point.

I can’t say I ever opposed marriage, but I just never saw the point in it. And today, while I’m about to get married, I still somewhat stand by that. I don’t need to marry my partner to grow old with him, I don’t need papers to bind us together, and I certainly wouldn’t dwell on it had we decided not to marry. So then, as my father asked, why the will to adhere to society traditions?

Because a concept as abstract as love requires a celebration. In a world where we keep  celebrate the nativity of a man born AD, or one born during the common era, the conquest of new land, why not celebrate the one thing that fuels the world, and that we all have in common – love?

And that is exactly what marriage is to a non-jaded millennial like me- a personal celebration of love, a unique occasion to create tradition that you and the other person choose to create.  It is, in a world where there is so much choice and attention deficit disorder, saying “I love you, and today I am deciding to choose to love you for the rest of my life. Today I choose you to go on adventures with, to live with, to share my happy and ugly times with.” And that, in today’s era of cynicism (disguised as realism),  is anything but conventional. Because while falling in love is pure chance, staying in love, and loving is entirely a choice two people make individually and together, at once.


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