More of this in 2015

Happy New Year!

As 2015 has dawned upon us, I felt the need to stop and think about what it is that I would like to achieve. I could, of course, philosophize about the time continuum, but a new calendar year has immense psychological impact on us, and is a great opportunity to pause, evaluate, and set objectives in a completely blank new calendar.

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Some call them resolutions, I simply call them goals, for I’ve discovered that like most people on this planet, I need concrete objectives to feel fulfilled. They don’t have to be grand, complex, or require a lifetime of effort. I am not looking to change myself, but I am looking to constantly evolve and reach a state of acceptance for things just as they are, and as they come to me. I have spent the past years working on putting emphasis on the things I love, and that are productive, versus wasting time bringing myself down, or trying to be everywhere at the same time.

On that note, these are not resolutions in that stern ‘January-first-must-change-my-life-around‘ sense, but things that bring a smile to my face, and that make me feel happy. So here it is, the ‘More of this in 2015’ list!

  • Create – I used to paint a lot before I moved abroad. None of my paintings looked professional, or intricate, none of them had any sort of specific technique, but I enjoyed the act of painting. I painted a portrait of Leonard Cohen for my parents which they have in their room, and Cliffs of Moher scenery for my sister, along with some more obscure stuff. It is very therapeutic! While I traveled and lived abroad for over two years, I didn’t have the means to collect what then would appear as clutter. Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve painted a few canvasses, and even introduced my partner to it. We just spent the other evening painting, and it is a most calming activity for me. I have also started writing a few thing that I would like to finish. One of them being a collaborative script. I have the horrible tendency to take on so many projects, and get excited at the conception of a project, and really get into the idea of it, but then move onto other things once the idea gets ‘just a little too old’. Typical of the ENFP archetype I am.
  • Write– I go through phases of heavy writing, and then nothing at all. My habits are quite bipolar. I can spend six months writing dozens of short stories, starting novels that I never finish, create prose and rhymes, but all of that is inconsistent. I want to be more consistent with my writing, privately, but also with this blog. I want to stop limiting myself to specific topics that I feel are appropriate for the first intentions I had when I started this blog years ago. See, I am a few years older now, and attempting to cater my posts to reflect the ‘common topic’ of this blog kills my inspiration, and makes my posting, well… rather scarce. And so when it comes to this blog, I intend to write more regularly about whatever it is that I would like to write about on a given day, I also intend to be less vague in some respects, and explore my experiences in a more hands-on manner; and for the rest of my writings, I intend to practice writing daily, until it turns into second nature, once again.
  • Read, read, read – I love books, and I love reading, but during the past months my mind has become rather lazy. ‘Dragon’s Den’ marathons have been more appealing than picking up a book and learning, or indulging in another character’s life. And so, I feel like I need to consciously discipline myself about this, otherwise I’ll read no more than 12 books a year at this rate! My goal? a book a week, so 52 books for 2015. I should probably try to document this here somehow, just so I can keep up, or at least be shamed if I don’t! That said, if anyone is reading this, and has good books to recommend, please go ahead!

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  • Be active– On the same note as the above, I would like to reintroduce yoga in my life on a regular basis. This is an activity that I used to practice at least four times a week for years, and that kept me from sinking into insanity. And so, I want it back in my life, to calm my anxious thoughts, but also as a very wonderful workout for my body.
  • Travel – This one is something that I will always have as part of my goals. This year has been quite transitional, and while I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, and have heard many different accents, I will always long for more. And so today we just returned from a part of this beautiful cold country that I’ve only visited once before.

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  • Be more present in the moment – Whilst I’ve come a long way, I still am struggling to be fully present in the nowness of a simple, and sometimes mundane moment. Lately however, a morning coffee, walk to work, or conversation with a loved one feels so precious. That is the feeling I want to embody more consistently and retain about those simple moments that in the end constitute our existence. Yolo, anyone…?
  • Be better to myself and to others – I have been more self aware lately, and have noticed that a lot of conflict can not only be solved, but also avoided simply by practicing self-awareness and empathy. It does take strength to not fall into the defensive mode of our ego. The main point is to treat my own feelings, and those of others with kindness, instead of impatient judgement. That of course requires constant practice, and I’m sure I will elaborate on this in further posts, as I have much more to say. Main point is I want to be a better a better daughter, sister, colleague, passer-by, friend and partner.
  • Learn and grow – In all areas. Where as I don’t particularly consider myself to be one of those ‘career-oriented people,  professionally, I would like to take on more senior tasks, and finally feel like an ‘expert’. I’d like to explore ventures, and my interests, and put in effort into integrating things that make me happy in my ‘career world’ I would also like to come up with a long term financial plan. In relation to the above paragraph, I want to consistently grow as a person, and face my fears and personal anxiety, which I realize will take some cognitive-behavioral homework, but I believe to be well equipped to go on with it.

    Tree Roots by mihoda on Flickr
    Tree Roots by mihoda on Flickr

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