A Day trip in England: Stratford-upon-Avon


My Working Holiday visa has started to feel like too much work not enough holiday, but it’s my own fault, I take my time off for granted, and often spend it going to the same favourite spots, or just, staying in and watching really great shows…like Pretty little liars.  And so with that said, I decided, whenever I get the chance to, to take a day trip somewhere in England, after all, there’s so much beauty outside of London!

So last week I got on a cheap train and got off at Stratford-upon-Avon, which is probably the most known as “Shakespeare’s town”.  Just like most people, I do appreciate the theatrical and poetic contributions by Mr.Shakespeare, and so I embarked on a journey of walking the little streets and exploring the surroundings.

First of, Stratford-upon-avon is a beauty. Streets are filled with black and white half-timbered houses that made me feel as if I was in a 1500 towns, minus the plague of course. Look guys, it’s Shakespeare’s birth place:

by Nev.

Houses like this one were everywhere:

Another beautiful house
Another beautiful house

I walked the River Avon to get to the Holy Trinity Church, place of Shakespeare’s burial.  The walk was beautiful:



After passing through this unique cemetery, I got to the Holy Trinity Church:


Inside was rather beautiful, and although I am completely against the concept of a church, it is true that there is something almost peaceful about being in one


I then made my way to Nash’s house aka Shakespeare’s new place, I got in, looked at the prices, and decided that I did not have enough time to get one of those “visiting packages” at that point, as it was 3 p.m. and everything closes by 5.  And so I walked out and kept on strolling around.


I then went to do the “Falstaff’s Experience” and went inside the Tudor World museum.  I was rather impressed by the feel of the museum.  It had a very Mary’s Close-like vibe to it.  I was the only person visiting, and I must say, I was creeped out by the realness of it at times. Also, while there, I discovered that Henry the VIII was not only a tyrant, but a comical one at that:


Then, everything is a fraction of the price in London.  I had a complete meal (with extra of guacamole )+ a pint of beer for 7GBPs, in a cute pub. On top of it, I encountered random spots such as the magic store.  I didn’t feel all that comfortable taking photos of it, considering the wizard who worked there made me feel like an impostor, but guys, this was a real magic store, like where Harry Potter would go to get his wand kind of magic store!


So that is that for now. I plan to return to visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage, see a play at the National theatre and such. If you happen to stumble upon this post and have tips and tricks about Stratford, or other towns to visit, please do let me know.  I’ve made a list with the help of google-maps/google images, of “places to visit in the UK”…It’s not even complete yet…So much to see, so little time!



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