All the cool kids got it

Today, I woke up with the beginning of yet another cold, or it may be the same cold I’ve been nursing ever since I moved to London.  What’s new! I’ve been sick three weeks out of 4 a month, and well I had already had the privilege of that one (almost) snot-free week last week, so I was naturally due for this reoccurring cold of mine.  Being the hypochondriac that I naturally am, this of course scares me.  Is my immune system that crap that I catch every virus that other people may just carry around?!

Anyhow, this was tweeted to me : “Yesterday I went to the GP and she told me that I got the “Young people’s disease”. Yo, all the cool kids in London got it!”  After asking if the “young people’s disease” was a euphemism for mono, I was informed (with sarcasm of course)  that no, it just means all the “YOLO” kids got it….  All jokes aside and this GP’s credibility aside, what the crap is YOLO?  I’ve seen it around for months now, managed to ignore it, and not get any more curious than I would about a new MGMT sounding band, but this morning (early afternoon, who am I kidding), I got intrigued and decided to google.

You Only Live Once


When I thought of this blog, I was in a Social media class, in the scope of work, that encouraged us to blog. I couldn’t relate with much when it came to writing topics, except my desire to “break free”, explore, get out of that comfort zone.  I felt like I was lost, like I did not know what I want, I felt anxious.  I felt like time was pressing, I felt like I owed someone an explanation for feeling that way, I felt like I was a marginal, I FELT LIKE I HAD TO LIVE BECAUSE YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

I thought I was so clever when I decided I wanted to document my quarter of a century “crisis”/ owning up to it being a crisis. And then, as I tuned into the crisis and became honest with myself,  I discovered that a high percentage of people felt the same way.  Hell! Today I discovered I adhered to an abbreviated word that irritated me just an hour ago!  I discovered that TV shows were now being made with the “20 somethings step into the real world and fuck up” story lines, see Girls.  I discovered other blogs, see this girl, all in all, I discovered it was a phenomenon, and that I was part of it.

I discovered that something must be wrong, or right in this world to have a whole generation shift towards it being okay to make mistakes, to explore, to choose reorientation, to go up and down the social and financial ladder.  Maybe we will grow out of it, maybe this is the new world order…


Come on, Say it!

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