What to do without a macbook


Three weeks ago my macbook “broke”. For close to three weeks I was left without the luxury of having a computer.  For close to three weeks, I was left LOST.  I had my rituals, and they just were not the same on a phone screen.  I panicked: How will I read/write/watch youtube videos/facebook stalk/stream spotify/skype/read news/watch netflix, all almost simultaneously?!  But more importantly, what will I do instead?

As Shirley Manson puts it: “ten long nights without you, have taught me to be strong.” In an era where technology dictates our daily schedule,  this is what I chose to do the times I would have spent on my computer, and who I’ve now evolved to be:

1.  Naturally, one turns to the next best thing and that I have left neglected for nearly a decade: The TV:  Once, I learned how to turn the TV on and use the remote control, I got into watching really bad TV shows, I mean…really bad, (along with reruns of Big Bang theory and Nevermind the buzzcocks) think of Millionnaire Matchmaker, The Undatables, Celebrity Big Brother, etc.

2.  I bought a purple Ukulele and have been practicing my musical skills.  So far, just like with guitar, I can remember the chords, transition easily, but cannot strum with rhythm, for the life of me…

3.  Wine + Chocolate, need I say more?  I never had much of a sweet tooth, and rarely drank on my own, but somehow, not having access to my macbook turned me into this raging red-wine alcoholic and chocolate addict.  It still lingers on.

4. Sudoku and crosswords, in newspapers of course

5. Writing postcards, and not sending them


6. Dying my hair pink

7. Buying and reading used books

8. Going on internet dates..yes.

9. Maintaining a physical organiser (notice my british spelling…)


10. On this note, instagramming

11.  Walking through new parts of London


12. Long baths after long lush shopping sprees

13.  Attending random events, such as the Andrea Bocceli “Love in Portofino” Premiere

12.  Paying for Spotify Premium

13. Charity shopping 


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