Happy New Year!


One of my favourite days in the year is without a doubt New Years Eve.  It’s the perfect excuse for mixing alcohol, drinking sparkling wine, wearing false eyelashes and spending the evening with my favourite people. It was my favourite Holiday to spend with my parents as a kid as well.  We would cook tons of food, watch a lot of tv, I’d go to bed really late and on top of it, my Santa Claus came on NYE.

I can pretty much remember every New Years Eve as of the age of 16.

There was that year I kissed my friend at the countdown, and her boyfriend at the time threw a fit that made me believe he was going to break up with her over a kiss; there was the year I cooked and baked for a boyfriend at the time, I forced him to stay in when I knew very well he wanted to go party with his friends; there was the new years eve an uninvited guest Steve Urkelled me at my door; there was the New Years eve I hosted that resulted in me cleaning incessant amounts of vomit (no it was not  mine)…

This New Year was no different, it involved a sparkly dress, a private bar party, tequila shots and good people. It also involved watching the fireworks from a terrace in a completely new city, without the need for winter boots and a winter coat, for once.

And so in this new year, I wish you for all your resolutions to come true.  As for me, I only have one, and as cheesy as it is, it is to continue this path of becoming my own best friend.



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