A little taste of home

Working and living abroad is much different than traveling through a city.   You have the time to develop habits and you have the time to have episodes of melancholy. Basically you have time to live as you would have in your old circumstances.  I rarely stop to think how much I miss home, the main thing that I do always have on my mind is “how I wish these people were here so I could show them this something, or that something, or so we could do this something together.”

Sometimes people leave places to “get away from everyone and everything”, that wasn’t really my case, it was mainly to get away from everything.  I knew very well I would miss my friends and family, but I also knew very well why I wanted to do this, and so the “missing” is, so far, entirely bearable.  We have whatsapp, skype, facebook, and for my good ol’ folks, the e-mail. I’d like to think I’m easy to keep in touch with and so how things were, they remain.

Yesterday, after an all-nighter pulled, simply because I could not close my eyes at all, and a stressful day at work, I was gonna break down in sobs at various times throughout the day, for no particular reason but the absolute need to run myself a bath and then go straight to bed.

When I arrived home, a package awaited.  “Maybe it’s the bridesmaid dress” I thought, with hope that it at least fits me.   To  my surprise and delight, I found  a package from my friends:

It contains a tons of cards with hilarious messages that truly made me miss my friends.  You know when you read something and go “That is exactly what I would imagine you’d be doing now, and writing now.” It’s a very comforting thing.  I laughed and got teary, both at once.


Oh the drawings…


Hair, if ever I wanted to do voodoo, I guess. (no the cat, was not part of the package)


I ate a lot of it!


Bridgehead, was my all time fave, plus it’s a local thing. As I type this I’m drinking Bridgehead coffee and the familiar sensation of sitting in my kitchen and writing overtook me.


A modelling post(or call?!)card, to embellish my room.


And then, there was this brilliant scrapbook/photoalbum, containing photos that I have never seen until this… I wanna look at it all day long!


Some of the pages…




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