Vow of Celibacy (Part II)

Part I

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos on “celibacy”, which left me wondering what “being single” stands for now? It seems to me that “vow of celibacy“, and I’m excluding all “christian vows of celibacy” here (which quite frankly are a separate topic from this one),  is yet another one of those trending labels. “I will not sleep with a guy unless I really connect with him“, is hardly a Vow of Celibacy, Ladies. And yes I could have said “I will not sleep with a girl…”, but who would I be kidding?

As I’m quite confused about the definition of “vow of celibacy”, I proceeded to google:

Web definitions

Clerical celibacy is the practice in various religious traditions, in which clergy adopt a celibate life, refraining from marriage and sexual relationships, including masturbation and “impure thoughts” (such as sexual visualisation and fantasies). …en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vow_of_celibacy

Hm…of course it is a traditional, and a rather outdated (as per society standards) definition, but you get the gist of it.  It’s not quite the same reason why Lily Allen and whatever other celebrities made their “vows of celibacy”  (And how long did that last?).  I fail to understand how “deciding to remain single for 3 months” is some life-changing decision worthy of a personal and internet-broadcasted vow.    When did the simple label  “single” start equaling to “I am constantly on the prowl for a significant other”?  

I have decided to post about this topic after joking around with a friend that the solution to avoiding heartbreak and general annoyance by fickle, and quite emotionally immature men is to vow to celibacy.  Deep down, I mainly wanted to start a twitter trend #vowofcelibacy, a quite useful hashtag that would be a great final word to a stereotypically sex and the city tweet:  “Just found out my S.O. cheated on me #vowofcelibacy time” / “Why are all men assholes #vowofcelibacy” / “My girlfriend is so clingy #vowofcelibacy” See?

On that note, my personal “vow of celibacy” is like the dollar store version of the train lady’s, or my old roommate’s professor’s.  It is best summed up in this video, give or take a few dozens of days.  I am particularly a fan of this guy’s video description: I’m through with dating! Women are ruining my life. I’m taking a vow of celibacy for 30 days so i can refocus.

I just really wish I was one of those people that require a mere 30 days to refocus or heal their patterns.


One Comment Add yours

  1. sb4marriage says:

    Your blogs are really inspiring me to write too! I wish I could do it naturally like you do.
    I understand how it’s challenging for some people to stay single for 3 months, and it’s a BIG deal to them! I think some people are better designed to ‘mate’, and some are designed to be more independent. I think the key is not to fight whatever feels natural to you.

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