15 Favourite Autumn Times

Yes the Part II of “Vow of Celibacy” is to come, as soon as my inspiration for such a post manifests itself.  I just sat down, after a weekend spent in Amsterdam and came up with what a youtube vlogger would refer to as “Fall Favourites”.  So here they are.

1. Visited Amsterdam this past week-end, met up with my friend Lau, and reunited with two of my Dutch friends

I took this photo in 2009. This was my 4th time visiting, so the touristy things were minimal, as I was there primarily to see my friend.

2. Long Walks in Hampstead Heath

Here is my friend Rhi, modelling the surroundings.

3. Baking vegan treats out of improvised recipes

Those are chocolate chip cookies and a batch of macaroons.

4. Moving to Belsize Park

Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Belsize_Park_Underground_Station_1788913.jpg

5. Getting to see Thriller, the musical, for free

And let me tell you that the guy on the poster actually really looked like MJ, but I was too focused staring at one of the girl-dancers the entire performance through… (from http://www.cheaptheatretickets.com/)

6. 2 for 1 cocktail times

This is my friend Rhia’s photo, as I don’t instagram. That night we had about 7 cocktails each, and then proceeded to get McDonalds because it was the healthy thing to do.
Every now and then I take my coworker, truth be told I don’t even really enjoy cocktails..

7. Playing tour guide during my mom’s visit

Oh I love London, and I especially love walking aimlessly for hours, thankfully so does my mom. I was just so happy that I got to see her.
(Taken from http://pinterest.com/likalileal/)

8. Running into Gwyneth Paltrow

Quite frankly, I don’t really care about her, but there’s a well known fact that many “celebrities” live around here, and it’s always fun to play the “spot the celebrity game”, and she was just casually walking in front of our flat, with her black hat and no-make up. If ever I run into Kate Moss, I may die a little.
(from http://www.listal.com/)

9. Seeing The Woyzeck

It was a small, “cosy” play. I think I mainly feel “proud” to have somehow found out about this small production during my first trimester (of living in London, you guys!)

10. Exploring Neal Street and well, Covent Garden, in general

These are the photos I took on my birthday. That was the best quinoa salad I’ve ever had in life. I just have a thing for the Covent Garden / 7 Dials Area in general, probably because I “started off” getting to know London there, just a walk on a gloomy day through Neal Street makes me happy.

11. Hours spent thrift-shop browsing in Shoreditch and the great finds

I have decided that I will gather all my “finds” and snap photos. Blog post to come. Everyone likes second-hand things….or so I’d like to think.
(from http://londonist.com/)

12. Discovering the cat café

I have really been missing my cat, and so when a new friend introduced me to the “cat café” (I don’t even know the café’s official name, and I’ve been there numerous times so far…), I was in heaven.

13. Hearing that my friends have booked a ticket to visit

If there is “one” “thing” I wish I could have taken with me is my friends and family….I wish they were pocket sized and portable, or at least tele-portable concepts. And so I was ecstatic to hear a few of them have booked their plane ticket to visit.
(taken from http://pinterest.com/kenbradynow/)

14. Going to Oktoberfest, Seeing my family

I’m very close to my family and my aunts are some of my favourite people ever. And so my visits are regular. I have just never been to Munich during the Oktoberfest (or Wiesen, as my cousins call it) craze. It was a short and restless 8 day stay, that also included hiking in the Bavarian alps, visiting King Ludwig castles, going to Salzburg and hanging out with my friend Ian, whom I met the year before while traveling Portugal.

15.  Kittens

We got these babies on Sunday. Needless to go into how cute/adorable/silly they and the things they do are. Cats have the power to make the most miserable human being on earth smile! I normally like to write these posts from a coffee shop, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the flat with their presence. And so I have a feeling that I’ll be spending a lot of time inside nowadays.

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  1. fyeah vegan treats! & quinoa, nom ❤

    1. N says:

      I was watching that “UK’s best bakery” show and discovered an all-vegan cupcake shop in Brixton. We should go someday!

      1. ahhh, Ms Cupcake! It’s been on my list for so long – yes please! ❤

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