15 Things I Learned so far in London

I do love me a good list:

1. To never, under any circumstance leave the flat without an umbrella, no matter how sunny and beautiful the day appears

2. That recycling is truly a Canadian luxury

3. That I do not like (warm) beer as much as I thought I did

4.  That an Oyster card must always be topped up

5.  That the only way to make and be on time for weekend plans is to ensure I’m on the TFL’s mailing list for updates on line closures.

6.  That I love cider

7. That what I call pants is not what people understand to be “pants”

8. To only go to Primark on a random weekday morning

9. That peep show is an actual show

10.  That I have the ability to get addicted to X Factor

11. That squirrels in parks are more docile and tame than my cat was

12. That rainy weather makes for better skin

13. On the same note, that London water is all it took for my hair to shine/be tamed / and look better than it ever did (p.s. I overheard these three canadian girls in a bar the other day, saying the same exact thing, which just confirmed my “British water saved my hair” theory)

14.  That Richard Dawkins is not a celebrity

15. That supermarket fruits and veggies are about just as healthy as eating prepackaged pizza is




One Comment Add yours

  1. elbysuglybeautiful says:

    Knickers and Trousers!

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