Once in a blue moon, I get to:

Nevermind the expression, I am being quite literal here:  Once in a blue moon (There was indeed a blue moon on August 31st) I get to see Leonard Cohen in Gothenburg, Sweden, in an open-roof arena with my dear aunt.

It was everything it needed to be and more,  and quite frankly I should have added it in my 120 things to do during my 20ies list:   see Leonard Cohen in Sweden during a blue moon; because it’s that epic in my head.

On another topic, my lack of posts can be attributed to me traveling around, and barely having any time to sit down and to summarize my thoughts and experiences.

Another of those priceless experiences involves me meeting a figure who’s work and writings I quite fancy:  Richard Dawkins at the very anticipated Ancestor’s Trail, which is a brilliant event that celebrates science, rational reasoning, humanism, the world and art.  I went there with some sort of strange cold, feeling quite lethargic, but very much eager to listen and try to suck in as much information as I could, and of course to walk the 13 miles of the human trail.  For more information consult the link above.

I have always wanted to hear Professor Dawkins speak, in person, as mentioned in a previous blog post,  but never really actively wanted to meet him (what value could I possibly add to his life).   However, after his talk, I did meet him, had conversations with him and even danced to Russian folklore with him.

just in case that sounded delusional

And then of course there was the walk, which was a beautiful spectacle of changing scenery :

by N.
by N.
by N

So be it in a blue moon, or simply under country-side star-filled skies, I truly got to marvel at life, these past few weeks.


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