The quirks of a new city


Today is one of those days during which I just wanna sit in the living room, sip on tea, eat chocolate and listen to depressing songs.  I’m not pmsing, so I don’t know what my exact excuse is.  Whatever the excuse may be, I think it calls for a blog post.

I arrived in London a little over 10 days ago at this point.  I’ve been settling just fine, playing the tourist, discovering my new neighbourhood (which for the record is the loveliest ever).  My current view goes something like this: 

Keep in mind this taken by my macbook camera.  I bought a camera the other day with the purpose to walk around and capture everything that charms me, and trust me, there are a lot of things.  My favourite thing about London is how ancient it looks.

Yesterday, I went shopping in charity shops in Shoreditch and got a few random pieces, that I have not yet taken pictures of.

Besides that, to sum up what I’ve been up to:




Getting lost



Eating at many restaurants



Visiting friends in other countries

Rediscovering my love for wine

Meeting strangers

Camil Stoenescu

Playing tourist


Visiting one too many pubs

Jessica Summers

One Comment Add yours

  1. Memma Hough says:

    great photos. I’m a northern girl myself (Manchester) but I have occasionally visited the big city down south and I always loved it each time. There can never be too many pubs though! 🙂 enjoy your time there

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