20 things I’ll miss about this city

This post was originally started a month ago.  Due to my lack of updates, and my lack of time to update, I decided to finish it now, at the airport, 20 minutes prior to boarding my flight to London.

As a little prelude:  I said goodbye to my friends a few days ago…it made me very sad, but I’m very happy for the moments and good times we shared together so far.  I have just said goodbye to my mom less than an hour ago, on her birthday.  We spent the day together, which consisted of a mix of laughter and anger.  I then had to say goodbye to my sister, which truly brought tears to my eyes.

This post was originally going to be a picture post, but given my lack of time, and the hurry I am writing this in, the only photo it will come with will be this one, happy rest of summer:

1.  Random spontaneous Adventures

2. My roommate

3.  Le Français

4.  Bumping into randoms I know and the stories it comes with

5. That I can just hop a bus and be at my parent’s within 2 hours

6. having people come visit me

7. Cléo

8. lazy Friday nights with bad tv shows

9. pints of beer with friends after work

10.  my yoga studio

11. quick bus rides to work

12. my boss and coworkers

13. the view from the canal

14.  the cats at the parliament hill

15. Bridgehead

16. outtings for vegan food

17. Protests on the Hill

18.  South Crossing on Wednesdays

19. That fuzzy feeling I get browsing the Market

20. My friends


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