Weekend in New York

On Friday, I somehow spontaneously decided at 4 p.m. to catch the bus to Montreal at 5 p.m., in order to catch another bus to NYC, to visit my good friend Lau.  Bear in mind, as easy-going as I am about things, I don’t think I’ve ever done something so spontaneous.  And so I canceled my Jazz Festival plans, and put on hold my Canada Day celebration, and went.

Here is a resumé in bullet format.  I barely took any photos, and so all of them (EXCEPT THE LAST ONE) are from pineterest, person’s profile is linked from the photo.

After arriving at the station at 5 a.m. and taking a taxi to Lau’s place in the East Village, I fell asleep until exactly 9 a.m., the time our friend from Montreal, that we will refer to as Archie, was going to show up at Lau’s door.  The joke was, he had no clue I was there, and I insisted a few days ago that I would celebrate Canada Day in the great Canadian Capital…Lau, and I, being the goofs we are, decided to give him a “scare” by me just randomly standing in the closet with a blanket around my body and head.  I looked pretty creepy, but it was mainly Archie’s friend (that we have never met) that was the most creeped out. 







Went to Brooklyn, and spent a very hot day in Prospect Park






And then I ran through sprinklers with the kids  to cool off..because it’s the reasonable thing to do.








Ate too much veggie food








Drank loads of caffeine 








Re-watched old Gossip Girl episodes (don’t worry, it was our leisure time to escape hot weather briefly, after hours of walking)            



Went dancing (after Lau somehow bullied the bouncer to let us skip the line)
Got more drunk at brunch than I did at night






Went to a girls-only gay bar during a karaoke night








Staged a prank on our friend Archie, meet Max, Lau’s bf’s friend who got locked outside his own apartment.  Story is after a nice italian supper, Lau and I went walking around the Lower East Side and we walked into this sex shop and got inspired by an item; brought it to her house, staged the prank, and left for the rest of the night.  At the end of our night out we met up with Archie, told him how he may have to share the living room with Max.  The joke went on until we had to break it to go to bed.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Meet Max:


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  1. sb4marriage says:

    wow this is so cool. I didn’t know you could add pics to blogs! Mon dieu I would have pressured you to take more and lent you one of my 10 cameras! What a great weekend. I’m still recovering from the Prospect Park Panic attack

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