The Little Things


I’ve had a quite busy week and weekend and barely had any time to sit down with my thoughts and recapitulate.  I have today off from work and there’s nothing I enjoy more on a free week day than to sit with a cup of coffee, music and my macbook.

After making my list of 120 things to do during my 20’s, I decided to target some of the items, or at least do some research on some of them.  One of the items on my list is 50. Go to a seminar/presentation by Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and so I started by going on Richard Dawkins website to see if there were any events I could attend.  As a matter of fact, he was presenting at an event called “The Ancestor’s Trail”.  After reading the website thoroughly, I got extremely excited.  Not only is Richard Dawkins presenting, but it is an “evolutionary pilgrimage” based on Darwin’s tree of life.  I had a hard time sitting still at work that day, I was so happy I found out about it!   And so that is what I intend to do on the 25th of August.  I started re-reading The Origin of Species (which is also one of the 120 things I wanted to do during my 20’s), as it goes hand in hand, and well I’d like to retain as much information as possible, because for some reason, I expect everyone attending to be biochemists, or other scientists…When I spoke to my friend about my fear of inferiority, she advised: “Call yourself a social scientist.  You have every right to!”  We laughed about it, but depending on the scene , I may adopt a title too.

On a topic that caters out to more people, I have booked my first bungee jump.  It’s happening the 7th of July, and it is happening at the highest jump in North America – not by free will, but because it is also 20 minutes away -.  I am not sure how I will react, I am terrified of heights, and simply watching youtube videos of jumps makes my heart race and tears me up.  So it will definitely be interesting…I may literally pee my pants up there, or during the jump, who knows…I am quite excited to confront a fear, and experience such adrenaline rush, with hope that my heart won’t give up on me. I’ve also booked zip lining prior to the jump, so hopefully it will ease me into it.  On that note, I told myself I would stop thinking about it, until the day of.  Too many times, the mind builds up a story and taints the experience with irrational and conditioned fear.



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