S left this morning


Sometime in June, the 9th, I think 2011

Barcelona, by the sea…who am I kidding, in a Starbucks

Rambla de la Mar


S left this morning.  Here I am, officially on my own for the rest of my 2 months journey.  Barcelona is a lively city, however my complexes have resurfaced and haunt me as soon as I find myself alone.  Isn’t this loneliness exactly what I have been longing for all this time?  From far away, yes.  I notice that I attempt to run away from the introspection that accompanies this loneliness.  Yet, I wouldn’t want to be back home at this moment, or even worse, at work, daydreaming about this loneliness.  I need to face it, it won’t just disappear!

I went somewhere familiar, well I’ve never been here before, but the impression and feeling that this place triggered in me was of familiar taste.  I’m referring to a shopping centre, this one is located on the sea.  It is filled with young women, men, tourists, kids, but even more importantly with stores bearing North American names.  Long live capitalism and consumerism I suppose.

Everytime I make my way into a coffee shop for a take-out coffee, they ask for my name so they can spell it on my cup.  They never spell it well, nor is it ever close to how it sounds.  I’m always stuck walking streets with a name that is even stranger than my own.  Today, I was Ebis (I think that sounds lovely) and in this moment I am Ibets, I don’t like that one very much.

Tomorrow I am supposed to leave for Valencia, but I still haven’t purchased a train or bus ticket.  Men are beautiful here, I think or say that rarely, so it must be true.



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