On a coach to Valencia

9th of June 2011,

on a coach to Valencia, listening to the Eagles on the radio

This morning, the feeling is different.  I am running on very little sleep, that I’d like to blame on the loud Australians that arrived at the hostel around 1:30 a.m.  Their loud and obnoxious laughs and voices echoed over my state of desperation.  My anger and frustration distracted my previous thoughts, and I suppose it soothed me into sleep.

As mentioned, I feel  much better at the present moment.  All those ideas of settling down when I go back seem far too absurd right now.  In fact, I’ve been entertaining the idea of staying in Spain for a while longer, to learn Spanish.  Oh if only!  I feel the need to understand these people and to be understood.  I have very basic knowledge in it, and sometimes, certain sentences and words come back to me from the teachings of my 9th grade peruvian teacher.  Who knew, it would be of use?  I simply wish I had a book with  Spanish lessons, or a podcast at least, to entertain me during this 4 hour drive.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the sea and it humbles me.



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