On a bus to Lisbon (lost track of time)


On a bus to Lisbon,

Lost track of time

I stayed in Lagos longer than I anticipated…it’s a normal thing it happens to just everyone.  The first night I arrived, I went into the common room and there was a crowd of Australians.  They have all been in Lagos for quite some time, and were all familiar with each other.  I remember sitting there and thinking that I will never be able to integrate myself.   The next day, I went kayaking and met a girl from Israel.  We had a bbq in our hostel that day and so I invited her with me, she was meeting me on the rooftop at 8 p.m.  When 8 p.m. came, I went on the rooftop and sat among three guys from Adelaide.  I was a bit shy, but they were social and so we spoke as I waited without a security blanket with me.  I was wondering if my new friend was lost, or never to come, as I had been waiting for 30 minutes already and she wasn’t there, when I realized that I did not have the right time.  It was only 7 p.m.  And so, my ignorance in timezones put me outside my comfort zone and made me befriend those people.  That night, a bunch of us went out and the night after, and after, and after…



On a side note of this journal entry, here is a funny story for you all: I was in the hostel shower and I had just shampooed my hair, when water stopped running.  I waited, and came out with shampoo in my hair, and no water anywhere.  Turns out, certain buildings in Lagos were affected because of some work being done, and they didn’t know if water was to be restored at all that evening.  We were getting ready to go out, and it was my last night in Lagos, and I was not going to let it be ruined by crusted shampoo on my hair.  I sat and waited for an hour or so and decided to take measures.  I grabbed an empty canister and went to the restaurant downstairs.  My friend J documented the rest, from our balcony:


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