Here I am in Madrid, sitting in a restaurant, alone(…)


the 12th of June 2011

Here I am in Madrid, sitting in a restaurant, alone.  I arrived not long ago, I left Valencia this morning. I am starting to realize the impermanence of the emotions I am feeling, be it sadness, loneliness, or even content.  It is one of the most positive realizations that I’ve had, to date.

In Valencia, I met a girl from Sicilly, Carlotta, on a free walking tour.  At the end of the tour, we went for tapas and tinto de verano with a few other people.  It was a good time, meeting all those great people, all coming from different parts of the world.  The next day, Carlotta and I spent the day at the beach, where I got the worst sunburn in life.  We ata paella, swam, talked a lot and then went to the City of Arts and Sciences.

Later that evening, we decided to go out and explore. We each went back to our respective hostels, where I met a German girl, Christine.  She was a bit shy, and for once, I made the first steps, I invited her out with us.  We met up at Piazza del Tossal, where we met a guy from Bulgaria as Christine and I waited for Carlotta .  He was sitting in the square, eating a Shawarma.  He spoke to us about his life, told us how he had moved to Spain and has been living in Valencia for a few years already, working in a store.  Carlotta came with a few guys she met at the hostel.  They were Spanish,and only there to visit family.  They knew Valencia, and so they took us to this secluded placewhere we drank buckets of white wine.  Everyone in the very tiny bar would randomly start singing loud spanish songs, and everyone would eventually join in and tap beats on the tables…I had no clue what was being sang, but I made unintelligible noises to go alongwith them. 

Later in the night, we went dancing.  I somehow bonded with one of the guys who, in my drunken eyes looked like Enrique Iglesias, he was from Madrid. He spoke no english, and I speak no spanish obviously, I however understood that he wanted to see me again in Madrid.  We will see about that…


On the bus today, I met a guy from Brasil.  He had a beautiful ‘soul’ and an impressing rationality.  He was here, in Spain, with his brother who is getting married soon.  We spoke the entire bus drive, and we exchanged e-mails, but he is flying out of Madrid for Rio this evening.  I am unsure why, but I was a little disappointed.






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