By del Prado

14th of June 2011


I met a Portuguese girl from Barcelona, who is completing her Doctorate degree.  She is in Madrid attempting to take out an american visa to do research in San Fran.  Her name is Sara and we spent a lot of time together these past few days.   All the people I meet, or at least that I associate with are extremely open-minded and have a non-conventional train of thought.  I am learning a lot, about life, about them, about where they’re from, about their culture.  I feel like I could talk with them for hours, without awkward moments, or without it feeling forced.  I cannot recall the last time I felt this way when meeting a stranger.

Sara at the Debob temple

Yesterday, I woke up with the intention to go on a walking tour of Madrid.  While waiting for the tour that never happened, I met Ali, Steph and Simon.  They study translation in Barcelona, but are from Ireland.  We spent the day together, visiting the city, talking a lot.  It saddens me that I will probably never see those people again, but at the same time, I feel much more at ease with these inevitable feelings of attachment and detachment than I did before.



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