I thought it was just something that people say on the internet, a kind of stereotype that I’d never really hear in real life, so I treated it as biased and silly. However lately I’ve been recalling conversations I’ve had with well educated people, both women and men, who seem of opinion that women have […]

I fell asleep with a beam of light, The lamp near my bed blinding me into oblivion And in the darkness of my own lids, and my own mind I rehearsed thoughts so dark they could swallow everything; An imminent black hole where all the daylight beauty goes to die; A vacuum that squanders every […]

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Yesterday my old yoga studio reached out to me. Long story short, I used to practice yoga for years and found it to be the only regular exercise practice I have ever maintained in my life, mainly due to the fact that I enjoyed it so much. I remember very well my first class at […]

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Never before did I think this type of thing could happen to me – that indescribable rush of emotions that comes with such a startling wave; you washing over me and into the every quark of my being. You, as tangible as the morning coffee you get up to bring me in bed every single […]


I sometimes spend hours patiently painting little patches on a white canvas, beautifying it with my best ability. That’s until my ‘SQUIRREL’ brain diverges my attention onto something else, and sometimes, onto nothing at all. I am easily amused, I am easily bored.  I love to laugh, and love to hear people around me laugh, […]

‘Friday at last!’ We exhale. our arms droop to the ground. Another eight hours, 4000 characters left to this e-mail, And only three more calls to make. Until at most forty-eight hours of calm. Books to be read, Songs to be sang, And recipes at the tip of my fingers Made of leafy greens and […]

The monument stood tall on a street of Lisboa, in its entire colossal glory. I boarded the train to Porto. I sat by the window and opened ‘L’invitée’ at the page where I left off the night before. The old woman that was standing on the platform just minutes ago, sat across from me facing […]

I stayed, Oh how powerful it feels to wake up in defeat, Knowing that although some things are lost, All is unceasingly blooming, until it fades away Sometimes, slowly, sometimes stiffly, away and away That skeletal sculpture I can no longer see, The thoughts I once longed to suppress Now completely avoid me And if […]

Waging war on the sense of time, they stood side by side overlooking the canal. It was under the onyx of the sky that she felt something short of everything it is she felt before. Something devoid of the abiding noise and of habitual taxing palpitations. Something bereft of bad news and that intangible scent […]


Last week, I made a post titled ‘6 Lessons learned while living abroad‘. Quite frankly, I had many others, but my thinking & writing time was limited. In that post, I’ve briefly covered the difference between living / traveling abroad.  Both experiences shaped my personality, values and views on various topics. I’m particularly fond of […]

Days before spring, the sight of snow melting around the sidewalks, and us, two dreamers attempting to see this city with new eyes. The maroon grass had surfaced and patches of soil left traces on our feet. That afternoon, we didn’t need boots, nor mittens.  We held onto cheap cameras as our coats dangled from […]


Millions and billions of disorganized thoughts rehearsing in random patterns in your head.  Today, every day, do something, stop thinking. You try to alter and calm yourself. Ha, don’t you know the joke is on you as long as you live! Welcome to the hyperactivity of your mind. It’s not a blessing, it’s not a […]


A part of me used to feel so strongly that I could only grow and be fully independent without another human being. I felt like I was not ready for relationships, not because of things I wanted to accomplish, as much as because of personal obstacles. I felt I needed to become more loving, less […]

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1. Living abroad is not like traveling Traveling is undoubtedly different to living abroad. Whilst both are good ways to explore and grow your own character and strength, one comes with a lighter connotation – traveling, that is. There’s the nomadic experience of being constantly on the go; the various encounters of people from all […]

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As a child, I always hated Sundays. It probably had something to do with the fact that I associated Sundays with homework, getting prepared for a week of school, and quite frankly dreading the little amount of time I’d have during the next five days to do what it is I wanted to do: play. […]

Sombre waves, they never cease I, adrift, senses at sea Chest retracts, lets out slang like a breath Whispers of to-do’s and of should-be’s And then there is him, Him, with his arms like anchorage That no bad thought can cross, Where I hear them faintly washing over another spacetime And in his cerulean gaze […]


In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo events, I felt the need to write something rather different from my normal types of posts. Wednesday the 7th of January was a sad day – for the writers/caricaturists of Charlie Hebdo who perished in a single instant due to a group of people who deemed the content […]

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There is no greater time to reflect and bathe in nostalgia than a Sunday afternoon. And as I do enjoy reflection and looking back on the past with fond eyes, here comes a post on some of the things that life has taught me this past year. You know that good ol’ cliché ‘you may […]

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Happy New Year! As 2015 has dawned upon us, I felt the need to stop and think about what it is that I would like to achieve. I could, of course, philosophize about the time continuum, but a new calendar year has immense psychological impact on us, and is a great opportunity to pause, evaluate, […]

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2014 started on a small hill in East London. There were friends who became strangers, and strangers who became friends. There were conversations about life and the universe, and a fair amount of inebriation. It started off with a walk through old rainy streets, and banks almost over-flooded by the Thames. It started off without clear intention, and […]


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